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Travis McClelland Takes First Legends Win of 2022

Spring Run, PA: Travis McClelland etched his name into the 2022 win list, by taking the Gene Latta Ford Central PA Legends series opener at Path Valley Speedway Park.

Scott Houdeshell finished second followed by Jeremy Ott, Bob Stough, and Chris Transeau. Mike Racine was the hard charger.

Central PA Legends (36 cars):

1. Travis McClelland 2. Scott Houdeshell 3. Jeremy Ott 4. Bob Stough 5. Chris Transeau 6. Wes Alleman 7. Seth Kearchner 8. Shaun Abney 9. Travis Perry 10. Scott Spidle 11. Michael Racine 12. Choya Young 13. Brent Marquis 14. Cory Phillips 15. Shaun Miller 16. Rick Hartwig 17. Logan Carbaugh 18. Tyler Kaylor 19. Lincoln Kearchner 20. Preston Alleman 21. Scott Montgomery 22. Scott Mussleman 23. Brady Dillon (DNF) 24. Roy Warehime (DNF) 25. Bill Diehl (DNF)

Hard Charger – Michael Racine

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