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Travis McClelland Drives to Victory Lane at Linda's

JONESTOWN, PA - The Gene Latta Ford Central PA Legends Houdeshell Home Improvement Series made their second start of 2021 season, but Travis McClelland was still the driver standing in victory lane when the race came to an end. McClelland held off Legend veterans Scott Houdeshell and Blaine Leppo for the checkered flag. Former 4 cyl racers at Linda’s Speedway Don Stoudt and Aaron Updegraff were the top five finishers.

Travis McClelland, Choya Young, and Chris Transeau won Legend car heat races.

Feature Finish: 1- Travis McClelland 2- Scott Houdenshell 3- Blaine Leppo 4- Don Stoudt 5- Aaron Updegraff 6- Shaun Abney 7- Owen Dimm 8- Brett Marquis 9- Rick Hartwig 10- Cory Phillips 11- Eric Hurst 12- Zach Baxter 13- John Snavely 14- Cody Atland 15- Robert Stough 16- Scott Musselman 17- Joe Plunkett 18- David Benner 19- Mike Stoppard Jr 20- Logan Carbaugh 21-Choya Young 22- Randy Getz 23- Shuan Miller 24- Jonathan Robinson 25- Chris Transeau 26- Vincent Wenrich


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