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Seth Kearchner Finds Redemption at Path Valley

SPRING RUN, PA - Exactly one week ago, Seth Kearchner crossed the line second following a last lap pass by Jorjie Sweger. This week, Kearchner landed in victory lane in the Path Valley Speedway Central PA Legends 2021 finale.

Wes Alleman, Logan Carbaugh, Travis Perry, and Bill Diehl completed the top five.

Central PA Legends (24 cars): 1. Seth Kearchner 2. Wes Alleman 3. Logan Carbaugh 4. Travis Perry 5. Bill Diehl 6. Bob Stough 7. Lincoln Kearchner 8. Scott Musselman 9. Owen Dimm 10. Aaron Updegraff 11. Cory Phillips 12. Shawn Groft 13. Scott Mongomery 14. Choya Young 15. Richie Dobson 16. Tyler Kaylor 17. Jonathan Robinson (DNF) 18. Kelby Friese (DNF) 19. Brian Armpmeyer (DNF) 20. Zach Baxter (DNF) 21. Preston Alleman (DNF) 22. Colton Friese (DNF) 23. Shaun Abney (DNF) DNS: Jorjenna Sweger


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