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Reyna, Lewis, Clanton & Ott Crowned Champions

Abbottstown, PA (September 26, 2020) – The final night of the 2020 Dirt Nationals featured the “Crowning of Champions” in each division. The Young Lions, Semi-Pro, Masters and Pro divisions all competed in 30-lap feature events to crown a champion.

First up was the Young Lions division which consists of drivers between the ages of 12-15 and is considered the most novice Legend Car division.

Daniel Adam, from North Carolina, and Florida-driver, Nikita Johnson made up the front row of the Young Lions feature event.

Adam and Johnson raced side by side into turn 1 with Johnson coming out of turn 2 with the lead. Tommie Quenzer, the national point leader in the division, settled into third as Adam stayed with Johnson to battle for the lead.

Johnson, Adam and Quenzer were pulling away from the rest of the field as Taylor

Adam was searching for a way around Johnson for the lead and got his nose under Johnson in turn 4 on lap 3 but couldn’t make the pass. The following lap he looked to the outside, again to no avail.

Johnson and Adam raced door to door down the back stretch on lap 5 with Johnson once again holding onto the lead.

Johnson’s teammate, Jaiden Reyna who had fallen back to seventh after starting fourth, made his way back to fourth on lap 8.

As Johnson and Adam pulled away from third place Quenzer, the battle for the lead didn’t cool down. Adam was still searching the track for a way around Johnson for the top spot.

The two leaders raced side by side down the front stretch on lap 11 with Adam finally making the pass for the lead coming out of turn 2.

Reyna was working on Quenzer for third at the halfway point of the race and made the pass coming out of turn 4.

Adam made contact with the wall on the backstretch on lap 15 allowing Johnson to take the lead back.

Reyna was reeling in Adam and Johnson and made it a three-car battle for the lead on lap 17. Adam and Reyna both got by Johnson in turn 4 on lap 18. Reyna took the lead at the line on lap 20. Adam continued to battle for the lead with Adam taking back the top spot on the following lap.

The first caution and only caution of the race came on lap 22 for Jonathan Robinson whose car was on fire.

Adam led Reyna, Johnson, Quenzer and Payton Jones to the cone for the single-file restart. Reyna got a great run to the cone nearly causing a pile-up, but he was able to pull back just in time to avert disaster.

Reyna got another great run down the back stretch and was on Adam' bumper. Adam got high in turn 4 allowing both Reyna and Johnson to get by.

Reyna beat his teammate, Johnson to the checkered flag by .267 seconds for the win. Adam crossed the line third and Quenzer finished fourth. Jones rounded out the top five.

Landon Lewis Edges Out Teammate in Photo Finish for Semi-Pro Championship

Teammates Billy Workman Jr. and Landon Lewis shared the front row of the Semi-Pro main event. The two raced side by side when the green flag dropped with Workman having the slight advantage into turn 1. Ohio-driver, Steven Partin, made it a three-way battle for the lead as Alex Robinson sat back and watched the battle in fourth.

Partin looked to the inside of Lewis to take second on lap 5. Lewis then got out of shape falling back to fifth.

The first caution came on lap 7 when Kevin Oliver got spun around in turn 4. It was Oliver’s second time racing on dirt in his career.

Workman led Partin, Robinson, Stephen Wurtzer and Lewis to the cone for the single-file restart. The yellow flag flew again on the restart when Oliver lost his hood. Despite the loss of his hood Oliver was permitted to keep running. Yet another caution came on the following restart when Cory Phillips stopped in turn 3.

On the next attempt to go green Lewis was racing door to door with Wurtzer for fourth and took the spot on lap 9.

Partin was all over Workman for the lead when the yellow came out on lap 10. Oliver continued to have issues with turn 4.

Joseph Sanoske had hit the cone on the previous restart sending him back two spots when the field lined up yet again.

Workman paced the field ahead of Partin, Robinson, Lewis and Wurtzer.

Lewis drove under Robinson for third on lap 11 as the race for the lead between Workman and Partin continued.

The leaders raced door to door at the line on lap 13 with Workman having the slight advantage.

The yellow flag flew on lap 14 for Joseph Sanoske who stopped in turn 4 after contact with Aaron Updegraff.

The top five for the restart were Workman, Partin, Lewis, Robinson and Jacob Owens.

The caution came again on the restart when Seth Kearchner, Owens, Josh Sanoske and Ryan Shabram piled up in turn 4. The four-car pile-up was a reaction to Partin getting sideways in turn 4. Partin kept the #51 moving keeping his second place spot for the restart.

Lewis was on Partin's bumper for second and Robinson and Wurtzer battled door to door for fourth.

Jorjie Sweger got by Wurtzer and moved into fourth down the back stretch on lap 16. Wurtzer wanted the spot back but the caution came out again on lap 17 before he could make the pass. The yellow was for Quinn Trimmer who spun out in turn 2. Parker Jones also came to a stop in turn 1.

Ron Little and Joseph Sanoske got together coming out of turn 4 on the restart bringing out another caution.

Nate Tretow entered the top five from his eighteenth starting spot, as Sweger and Lewis battled in front of him for third. Sweger fell back sending Tretow to work on her for the fourth spot.

Oliver brought out his third and final caution on lap 21 when he spun out in turn 2.

Workman led Partin, Lewis, Sweger and Tretow for the restart.

Sweger and Tretow were door to door again at the line. The two continued to battle down the back stretch. Contact was made sending Tretow for a wild ride into turn 3 bringing out the red flag lap 22.

Sweger was sent to the rear for the restart after officials reviewed the incident.

Chris Transeau restarted fifth behind Workman, Partin, Lewis and Wurtzer. Transeau started the race in twenty-second after qualifying through his consy.

Lewis stuck his nose under Partin in turn 1 for second on lap 26 but Partin held the spot. Later that lap Lewis edged Partin at the line for the runner-up position.

The final caution of the race came on lap 29 when Cody Atland and Tyler Garretson got together in turn 4.

The field lined up for a green, white, checkered finish behind Workman, Lewis, Partin Wurtzer and Transeau. Lewis looked to the inside of Workman on the restart and battled for the lead the entire white flag lap.

Lewis beat his teammate, Workman to the checkered flag by .001 seconds in an exciting photo finish. Partin held on to finish third and Wurtzer crossed the line fourth. Transeau completed the top five.

Joey Clanton Makes Triumphant Return with Masters Victory

The Masters division features drivers 40 years old. The Dirt Nationals grouped the Golden Masters, drivers over 50, with the Masters for the event.

After nearly three decades away from the wheel of a Legend Car, Joey Clanton lined up on the pole for the Masters feature event. Central PA Legend regular, Travis Perry, lined up second.

Perry stayed with Clanton into turn 1 and took the lead coming out of turn 2.

Clanton was left to hold of Scott Houdeshell who was challenging him for the runner-up spot.

The yellow flag flew on lap 3 when Scott Spidle, Dwyane Holder and Choya Young got together in turns 3 and 4.

Perry led Clanton, Houdeshell, Blaine Leppo and John Gutman for the single-file restart.

Clanton was able to get a nose under Perry coming out of the turns, but it wasn’t enough to make a move for the lead.

On lap 6 Clanton had enough momentum out of turn 2 to take the top spot. Perry stayed close and was on his bumper wanting the position back.

Clanton was pulling away from Perry and the field when the yellow came out on lap 13 for debris in turn 4.

The top five for the restart were Clanton, Perry, Houdeshell, Leppo and Joe Adam.

Adam got under Leppo down the back stretch but couldn’t make the pass. Perry continued to challenge Clanton for the lead.

Adam got by Leppo on lap 17 for fourth. The yellow flag flew again on lap 19 when Rob Blizzard got turned around in turns 3 and 4.

Clanton pulled away down the back stretch as Perry held off a charge from Houdeshell for second.

Top 4 were evenly spaced ahead of Leppo as he held off Gutman and Dawson in a three-car battle for fifth.

Perry used lapped traffic to take the lead back going into turn 3 on lap 25. A three-car battle for the lead between Perry, Clanton and Houdeshell was brewing when the caution came out on lap 27 for Joseph Plunkett in turn 4.

Perry was doing whatever he could to hold off Clanton, but Joey took the lead back at the line with one lap to go.

In the second photo finish of the night Clanton beat Perry to the checkered flag for the win. Houdeshell held on to finish third and Adam crossed the line fourth. Dawson rounded out the top five.

Central PA Legend Driver Jeremy Ott Best in Pro Division

Central Pennsylvania driver, Jeremey Ott shared the front row of the Pro feature with North Carolina-native, Jake Tretow.

Tretow took the lead going in to turn 1 but the caution came out before a lap was in the book for Chuck Dell and Nathan Skaggs who got together in turn 2.

The field lined up for a complete restart. Tretow shot out to the lead once again with Eddie Daniels into second and Ott running third.

Daniels got out of shape challenging Tretow for the lead allowing Ott to take second.

Casey Traxler brought out the yellow flag on lap 3 when he got spun around in turn 4.

Tretow paced the field ahead of Ott, Daniels, Joe Ryan Osborne and Christopher Clanton for the restart.

Daniels wanted second back form Ott on the restart, but he also had to hold off a determined Osborne behind him.

Ott was all over Tretow’s bumper with a good run out of turn 2 but it still wasn’t enough to make a pass for the lead.

Bill Diehl used the outside of turn 4 to get by Osborne for fourth. Clanton followed sending Osborne back to the sixth spot.

Tretow and Ott were still running bumper to bumper when the yellow flag came out on lap 14 for debris in turns 3 and 4.

Daniels lined up third for the restart but was soon black flagged for his rear bumper as it was dragging behind the car.

Tretow and Ott raced door to door on lap 18 with Ott on the inside and Tretow holding on to the lead.

Ott was still using the inside to his advantage and made the pass for the lead coming out of turn 4 on lap 22.

Tretow stayed close and was on Ott's bumper wanting the lead back when a caution came on lap 23. Daniels finally lost his bumper and was sent to the pits ending his night.

Ott led Tretow, Clanton, Diehl and Osborne to the cone for the single-file restart.

Tretow went to the inside of Ott in turns 1 and 2 to take the lead but Ott got him back at the line by a nose to maintain the top spot by .012 seconds.

Casey Traxler spun out in turn 4 bringing out the caution.

Tretow went to the inside once again but Ott held him off in the turns. Clanton entered the picture challenging Tretow for second.

The final caution came on lap 26 when Chuck Dell stopped in turn 3 after a billow of smoke came from the car.

Tretow tried the bottom again on the restart but Ott was able to pull away. Clanton got under Tretow in turns 1 and 2 for second and then got sideways in the final turn of the race collecting Steve Duderstadt.

Ott crossed the line 1.002 ahead of Osborne who made it through the turn 4 melee to finish second. Clanton crossed the line third and Diehl was fourth. Travis McClelland completed the top five.

Wyatt Hinkle Scores 358 Sprint Victory

With only two races for the 358 sprints left on the schedule, including Saturday night, only 65 points separated the top three in the standings, Todd Rittenhouse Jr., Brett Wanner and Cody Fletcher.

Cameron Burke and Jordan Strickler lined up on the front row of the 20-lap feature event. Strickler took the lead at the green flag with Travis Scott up to second from his fourth starting spot. The red flag came out before a lap was completed when Steven Kisamore got upside down after contact with Mason Chaney who got sideways going into turn 1.

As Scott slowed for the red in turn 3 pole-sitter Burke drove up over the tire of Scott and flipped into turn 3.

Chaney and Scott were both able to rejoin the field for the complete restart. Strickler and Jeff Paulson shared the front row for the restart with Wyatt Hinkle and Rittenhouse lined up behind them.

Once again Strickler led the field into turn 1. Hinkle was running second, Paulson third and Tyler Ross moved into fourth. Ross battled Paulson down the back stretch for third as Rittenhouse held off Steve Owings and Chris Arnold as they both challenged him for the fifth spot.

Owings got under Rittenhouse out of turn 2 on lap 6 for fifth.

Strickler caught lapped traffic on lap 7. Ross was all over Hinkle for second using the bottom as they worked through lapped cars. Ross took the spot on lap 10.

Another red flag came out on lap 12 when Zach Allman got upside down in turns 3 and 4. Allman flipped in front of the leader Strickler who threaded himself between Allman and Jacob Balliet who was also stopped in the turns.

Strickler paced the field slowly ahead of Ross, Hinkle, Paulson and Arnold for the restart.

Ross got to the outside of Strickler to take the lead coming out of turn 4 on lap 13. Hinkle followed taking second on lap 14.

While leading the race Ross fell off the pace on lap 16 and pulled off the track in turn 2 ending his night.

Hinkle inherited the lead ahead of Strickler, Arnold, Owings and Paulson.

Hinkle rode the top line around the track to victory beating Strickler to the checkered flag by 2.362 seconds. Arnold crossed the line third and Owings finished fourth. Paulson completed the top five.

358 Sprint heat races were won by Dylan Norris, Travis Scott and Jeff Paulson.

Jorjie Sweger Wins Non-Feature Winners Race

The final event of the U.S. Legends Dirt Nationals was the 20-lap Non-Feature Winners Race. Thirty-one cars were invited to participate with 21 cars making the call for the start.

Stephen Wurtzer and Jorjie Sweger shared the front row for the start. Wurtzer took the lead when the green flag dropped with Sweger settling into second. Sweger dove into turn 3 to try and take the lead but Wurtzer held the position. Logan Carbaugh moved into third and made it a three-car battle for the lead.

Carbaugh moved into second on lap 3 as Sweger got high in turns 3 and 4 leaving the bottom open.

Carbaugh and Sweger drag raced to the line with Sweger taking second back on lap 4.

Chris Transeau moved into fourth from his tenth starting spot on lap 6 as Sweger closed in on Wurtzer for the lead.

Sweger got a nose under Wurtzer in turn 4 on lap 7 but it wasn’t enough to make the pass.

The yellow came out on lap 9 when Scott Musselman got spun around in turns 3 and 4.

Wurtzer led Sweger, Carbaugh, Transeau and Quinn Trimmer for the restart. Transeau got under Carbaugh coming out of turn 2 for third.

Sweger was trying everything to get by Wurtzer for the lead but to no avail.

Nikita Johnson and Zach Baxter got together in turn 4 on lap 12 bringing out he yellow.

Transeau was on Sweger's bumper for second but Sweger still had her site set on the lead. Wurtzer, Sweger and Transeau battled for the lead as the laps wound down with Sweger finally taking the top spot on lap 16 right before the caution came out for Trimmer.

Sweger held the lead on the restart and drove to her first win of 2020 over Wurtzer, Transeau, Carbaugh and Chuck Dell.

On Thursday, October 17, Lincoln Speedway is back in action with the Night of Champions for the 410 and 358 sprints. Action starts at 6:00PM with pit gates open at 3:30PM and grandstand gates opening at 4:00PM.

To get all the latest news, results, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway's website at to stay up-to-date on all the action or pending weather conditions at Central Pennsylvania's "Premier" Saturday night race track - The Fabulous Lincoln Speedway.


Saturday, September 26, 2020


Abbottstown, PA

U.S. Legends

Young Lions Feature Finish (30 laps) 1. 19-Jaiden Reyna [4]; 2. 1-Nikita Johnson [2]; 3. 75-Daniel Adam [1]; 4. 49-Tommie Quenzer [3]; 5. 21-Payton Jones [8]; 6. 25-Taylor Watson [5]; 7. 31-Lincoln Kearchner [6]; 8. 19L-Jonathan Robinson [8] DNF

Lap Leaders Nikita Johnson (1-11, 16-18), Daniel Adam (12-15, 19, 21-24), Jaiden Reyna (20, 25-30)

Semi-Pro Feature Finish (30 laps) 1. 99-Landon Lewis [2]; 2. 64-Billy Workman Jr. [1]; 3. 51-Steven Partin [3]; 4. 14W-Stephen Wurtzer [7]; 5. 18-Chris Transeau [22]; 6. 30-Alex Robinson [4]; 7. 77A-Aaron Updegraff [14]; 8. 27-Logan Carbaugh [11]; 9. 30K-Seth Kearchner [19]; 10. 3-Joseph Sanoske [17]; 11. 8-Jacob Owens [5]; 12. 91-Benjamin Goldsmith [15]; 13. 43-Ron Little [24]; 14. 18J-Jorgie Sweger [6]; 15. 17-Cory Phillips [21]; 16. 77-Quinn Trimmer [20]; 17. 99G-Tyler Garretson [9] DNF; 18. 2A-Cody Atland [16] DNF; 19. 83-Nate Tretow [18] DNF; 20. 28-Kevin Oliver [23] DNF; 21. 41-Parker Jones [12] DNF; 22. 15-Ryan Shabram [13] DNF; 23. 29-Josh Sanoske [8] DNF; 24. 70-Mike Racine [10] DNF

Lap Leaders Billy Workman Jr. (1-29) & Landon Lewis (30)

Semi-Pro Consy 1 Finish (10 laps) 1. 30K-Seth Kearchner [3]; 2. 17-Cory Phillips [5]; 3. 28-Kevin Oliver [8]; 4. 56-Zach Baxter [1]; 5. 17T-Ashley Tackett [4]; 6. 11R-Soctt Musselman [6]; 7. 61-Shaun Miller [2]; 8. 0-Eric McClane [7]

Semi-Pro Consy 2 Finish (10 laps) 1. 77-Quinn Trimmer [2]; 2. 18-Chris Transeau [3]; 3. 43-Ron Little Jr. [1]; 4. 18S-Ryan Sullivan [6]; 5. 2G-Tyler Groft [4]; 6. 71-Ron Dick Jr. [5]; 7. 83J-James Snow [7] DNS

Masters Feature Finish (30 laps) 1. 83-Joey Clanton [1]; 2. 19-Travis Perry [2]; 3. 5-Scott Houdeshell [3]; 4. 66-Joe Adam [7]; 5. 6-Sean Dawson [8]; 6. 7-John Gutman [5]; 7. 18J-Blaine Leppo [4]; 8. 94-Greg Burd [6]; 9. 1G-Shawn Groft [12]; 10. 95M-Mike Mueller [10]; 11. 26-Shaun Abney [11]; 12. 53M-Keith Meyer [20]; 13. 34-Dan Harrison [16]; 14. 79-Ed Trump [17]; 15. 9-Rick Hartwig [19]; 16. 22-Dwayne Holder [9]; 17. 94-Jay Quenzer [18]; 18. 44-Nelson Stewart [25]; 19. 90-Scott Spidle [14]; 20. 25-Eric Hurst [21]; 21. 13B-Ron Blizzard [15]; 22. 4J-Choya Young [13]; 23. 85-Michael Goldsmith [23]; 24. 8BALL-Robert Shaw [24]; 25. 5K-Joseph Plunkett [22] DNF

Lap Leaders Travis Perry (1-5, 25-29) & Joey Clanton (6-24, 30)

Pro Feature Finish (30 laps) 1. 10-Jeremy Ott [1]; 2. 13-Joe Ryan Osborne [4]; 3. 25-Christopher Clanton [8]; 4. 53-Bill Diehl [6]; 5. 51-Travis McClelland [7]; 6. 270-Nathan Skaggs [11]; 7. 316-Benjamin Ridenhour [5]; 8. 8-Steve Duderstadt [13]; 9. 91-Jerren Perdue [15]; 10. 13-Casey Traxler [10]; 11. 000-Michael McClane [14]; 12. 93-Brent Marquis [12]; 13. 93T-Jake Tretow [2]; 14. 41-Chuck Del [9] DNF; 15. 61-Eddie Daniels [3] DNF

Lap Leaders Jake Tretow (1-21) & Jeremy Ott (22-30)

Non-Feature Winners Race Finish (20 laps) 1. 18J-Jorjie Sweger [2]; 2. 14W-Stephen Wurtzer [1]; 3. 18-Chris Transeau [10]; 4. 27-Logan Carbaugh [5]; 5. 41-Chuck Dell [9]; 6. 94-Greg Burd [18]; 7. 31-Lincoln Kearchner [30]; 8. 90-Scott Spidle [17]; 9. 26-Shaun Abney [20]; 10. 91-Benjamin Goldsmith [22]; 11. 17-Cory Phillips [13]; 12. 1-Nikita Johnson [24]; 13. 25-Eric Hurst [8]; 14. 13-Ron Blizzard [28]; 15. 71-Ron Dick [31]; 16. 61-Shaun Miller [21]; 17. 11R-Scott Musselman [6]; 18. 77-Quinn Trimmer [23]; 19. 56-Zach Baxter [4] DNF; 20. 9-Rick Hartwig [16] DNF; 21. 99G-Tyler Garretson [26] DNF; 22. 93-Brent Marquis [3] DNS; 23. 19L-Jonathan Robinson [7] DNS; 24. 1G-Shawn Groft [11] DNS; 25. 77A-Aaron Updegraff [12] DNS; 26. 5-Scott Houdeshell [14] DNS; 27. 30-Alex Robinson [15] DNS; 28. 43-Ron Little [19] DNS; 29. 70-Mike Racine [25] DNS; 30. 6-Sean Dawson [27] DNS; 21. 85-Michael Goldsmith [29] DNS

Lap Leaders Stephen Wurtzer (1-15) & Jorjie Sweger (16-20)

Hanover Auto Team 358 Sprints

358 Sprint Car Feature (20 laps) 1. 19D-Wyatt Hinkle [5]; 2. 38s-Jordan Strickler [2]; 3. 23-Chris Arnold [9]; 4. 35-Steve Owings [10]; 5. 3-Jeff Paulson [3]; 6. 23-Justin Foster [13]; 7. 18-Todd Rittenhouse Jr. [6]; 8. 66a-Cody Fletcher [15]; 9. 44-Dylan Norris [7]; 10. 12-Mike Bittinger [20]; 11. 4-Zane Rudisill [14]; 12. 38-Brett Strickler [24]; 13. 5-Travis Scott [4]; 14. 54-Brett Wanner [18]; 15. 28-Matt Findley [18]; 16. 22-Jacob Balliet [16]; 17. 21T-Scott Fisher [25]; 18. 2D-Dylan Orwig [23]; 19. 11H-Hayden Miller [17]; 20. 91-Tyler Ross [8] DNF; 21. 5a-Zachary Allman [12] DNF; 22. 8CR-Mason Chaney [19] DNF; 23. 82-Cameron Burke [1] DNF; 24. 77K-Steven Kisamore [23] DNF; 25. 89-Ashley Cappetta [11] DNS

Lap Leaders Jordan Strickler (1-13), Tyler Ross (14-16), Wyatt Hinkle (17-20)

358 Sprint Heat 1 Finish (10 laps) 1. 44-Dylan Norris [1]; 2. 19D-Wyatt Hinkle [2]; 3. 18-Todd Rittenhouse Jr. [3]; 4. 35-Steve Owings [6]; 5. 23-Justin Foster [9]; 6. 22-Jacob Balliet [4]; 7. 12-Mike Bittinger [7]; 8. 28-Matt Findley [8]; 9. 12K-Kyle Rohrbaugh [10]; 10. 34-Mark VanVorst [5]

358 Sprint Heat 2 Finish (10 laps) 1. 5-Travis Scott [3]; 2. 23-Chris Arnold [1]; 3. 91-Tyler Ross [8]; 4. 89-Ashley Cappetta [2]; 5. 4-Zane Rudisill [7]; 6. 11H-Hayden Miller [10]; 7. 8CR-Mason Chaney [9]; 8. 38-Brett Strickler [6] DNF; 9. 17-Andrew Hake [4] DNF; 10. 21T-Scott Fisher [5] DNS

358 Sprint Heat 3 Finish (10 laps ) 1.3-Jeff Paulson [2]; 2. 82-Cameron Burke [1]; 3. 38s-Jordan Strickler [6]; 4. 5a-Zachary Allman [4]; 5. 66a-Cody Fletcher [5]; 6. 54-Brett Wanner [6]; 7. 77k-Steven Kisamore [9]; 8. 2D-Dylan Orwig [8] DNF; 9. 13s-Jon Stewart [3] DNF; 10. 00-Chris Frank [7] DNF

358 Sprint Consy Finish (10 laps) 1. 8CR-Mason Chaney [2]; 2. 12-Mike Bittinger [1]; 3. 28-Matt Findley [3]; 4. 2D-Dylan Orwig [6]; 5. 77k-Steven Kisamore [3]; 6. 38-Brett Strickler [5]; 7. 12K-Kyle Rohrbaugh [7]; 8. 21T-Scott Fisher [12]; 9. 34-Mark VanVorst [10]; 10. 17-Andrew Hake [8] DNS; 11. 13s-Jon Stewart [9] DNS; 12. 00-Chris Frank [11] DNS


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