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Osborne Wins the Earman Fulk Memorial at Linda's

Jonestown, Pa.: Joe Ryan Osborne claimed victory in the Gene Latta Ford Central PA Legend feature at Linda's Speedway. The event was in honor of Earman Fulk. Travis McClelland finished second followed by Chris Transeau, Mike Racine and Devin Friese.

Central Pa Legends - A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Osborne.J 2-McClelland.T 3-Transeau.C 4-Racine.M 5-Friese.D 6-Abney.S 7-Musselman.S 8-Wenrich.V 9-Hurst.E 10-Brown.C 11-Lewis.L 12-Benner.D 13-Arndt.B 14-Carbaugh.L 15-Hartwig.R 16-Bellemare.A 17-Stiles.L 18-Stough.R 19-Wright.K 20-Stigler.C 21-Phillips.C 22-Warehime.R(Jr.) 23-Getz.R(Jr)


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