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McClelland Victorious Again, at Big Diamond

Minersville, Pa.: Travis McClelland picked up yet another win, this time at Big Diamond Speedway.

For the second time in a row, Bob Stough followed McClelland across the line for the runner-up finish and was followed by Seth Kearchner, Tanner Jones, and Scott Houdeshell.

Central PA Legends Results: 1. Travis McClelland 2. Robert Stough 3. Seth Kearchner 4. Tanner Jones 5. Scott Houdeshell 6. Lincoln Kearchner 7. Weston Alleman 8. Scott Spidle 9. Brent Marquis 10. Cody Altland 11. Eric Hurst 12. Vincent Wenrich 13. Dave Benner 14. Travis Perry 15. Shaun Miller 16. Choya Young 17. Randy Getz Jr 18. Scott Montgomery 19. Ron Little Jr 20. Preston Alleman 21. Cory Phillips 22. Brady Arndt 23. Logan Carbaugh 24. Scott Musselman DNQ Grady McGrew, Ed Trump, Amanda Onimus, Keegan McGrew, Shawn Groft, Josh Trump & Bryan Rampmeyer Jr

Central PA Legends Heat Winners: Choya Young, Tanner Jones & Travis McClelland / Consi winner – Brady Arndt


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