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Landen Lewis Wins Summer Slam at Path Valley

SPRING RUN, PA - Landen Lewis claimed the $1,300 to win Summer Slam event at Path Valley Speedway Park. The win was Lewis' second of the year at Path Valley.

Owen Dimm, Seth Kearchner, Chris Transeau, and Austin Bellemare completed the top five.

Central PA Legends (29 cars):

Summer Slam

1. Landen Lewis ($1,300 to win) 2. Owen Dimm 3. Seth Kearchner 4. Chris Transeau 5. Austin Bellemare 6. Bob Stough 7. Travis Perry 8. Joe Ryan Osborne 9. Logan Carbaugh 10. Cody Altland 11. Shaun Abney 12. Justin Cunningham 13. Choya Young 14. Jonathan Robinson 15. Wes Alleman 16. Cory Phillips 17. Colton Friese 18. Preston Alleman 19. Billy Workman, Jr. (DNF) 20. Brady Arndt (DNF) 21. Carson Brown (DNF) 22. Eric Hurst (DNF) 23. Aaron Updegraff (DNF) 24. Bryan Green (DNF)


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