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Kearchner Scores Win in Final Lincoln Race of 2021; Diehl Track Champ

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA - Seth Kearchner’s second career win at Lincoln on Saturday night came with a last lap pass of Jeremy Ott, denying Ott a spot at the top of the all-time win list.

Aaron Updegraff started on the pole of the 20-lap feature with Travis McClelland lined up to his outside.

McClelland had the lead by inches at the line when the green flag dropped. Ott got by Updegraff for second.

Stephen Wurtzer and Blaine Leppo raced side by side at the line with Wurtzer having the slight advantage for fourth.

Ott looked under McClelland for the lead with McClelland holding on to the top spot by half a car length on lap 4.

Lap 4 saw the yellow flag come out when Choya Young and Lincoln Kearchner got together on the inside of turn 4.

McClelland led Ott, Updegraff, Wurtzer and Leppo on the restart. Ott was on McClelland’s bumper and the top two pulled away from the rest of the field.

Wurtzer looked under Updegraff down the back stretch and dove into turn 3 to take third on lap 5. Leppo tried to follow and moved by Updegraff for fourth but Updegraff had the spot back as they raced down the back stretch.

Seth Kearchner, Leppo and Updegraff raced three wide for fourth with Leppo taking the spot.

Wurtzer tracked down the leaders. Ott got under McClelland coming out of turn 2 for the lead but the caution came out before the pass was official. The yellow came out on lap 9 for Cody Altland in turn 2.

The top five for the restart were McClelland, Ott, Wurtzer, Leppo and Kearchner. The caution came out again on the restart when Richie Dobson got sideways on the front stretch.

Kearchner raced wheel to wheel with Leppo for fourth down the back stretch but Leppo held the spot at the line.

Ott once again got under McClelland for the lead coming out out of turn 2 and this time it was official with Ott taking the lead on lap 11.

Wurtzer and Leppo battled for third with Kearchner also in the mix. Kearchner got by Leppo for fourth.

The caution came out on lap 15 for second place running McClelland. As Ott, McClelland and Wurtzer battled for the lead, McClelland got spun around on the back stretch. Logan Carbaugh was also collected.

Ott led Wurtzer, Kearchner, Leppo and Bob Stough on the restart with five laps to go.

Wurtzer got under Ott in turn 2 and the two raced wheel to wheel down the back stretch. The race was nearly three wide for the lead at the line between Ott, Wurtzer and Kearchner with Ott holding the lead. The three were three wide coming out of turn 4 when the white flag waved. Kearchner got to the inside of Ott down the backstretch and had the lead when the checkered flag waved. Ott finished second, only .096 seconds behind Kearchner. Stough crossed the line third and Wurtzer was fourth. Leppo completed the top five.

With his sixth place finish, Bill Diehl claimed the track championship for the Central PA Legends.


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