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Blaine Leppo Claims Victory at Linda's


ONESTOWN, PA - Blaine Leppo held off various challenges from Chris Transeau to win the Legend Car race. Bill Diehl was third followed by Robert Stough and Aaron Updegraff.

Legend Heat wins went to Chris Transeau and Aaron Updegraff.

Feature Finish: 1. Blaine Leppo; 2. Chris Transeau; 3. Bill Diehl; 4. Robert Stough; 5. Aaron Updegraff; 6. Lincoln Kearchner; 7. Cory Phillips; 8. Eric Hurst; 9. Vincent Wenrich; 10. Choya Young; 11. Scott Musselman; 12. Shaun Miller; 13. Logan Carbaugh; 14. Travis McClelland; 15. Owen Dimm; 16. Donald Stoudt. DNS: Rick Hartwig.


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