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Bellemare Snags Linda's Victory

Jonestown, PA: Austin Bellemare held off Chris Transeau to take the win in the Gene Latta Ford Central PA Legends feature, Friday night, at Linda's Speedway.

Following Bellemare and Transeau across the line were Mike Racine, Logan Carbaugh, and Robert Stough.

Finish: 1. Austin Bellemare; 2. Chris Transeau; 3. Mike Racine; 4. Logan Carbaugh; 5. Robert Stough; 6. Devin Friese; 7. Brent Marquis; 8. Scott Musselman; 9. Richie Dobson Jr.; 10. Cody Altland; 11. Colton Friese; 12. Brady Arndt; 13. Dave Benner; 14. Vincent Wenrich; 15. Luke Stiles; 16. Cory Phillips; 17. Choya Young; 18. Eric Hurst.


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