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Austin Bellemare Races Back to Legends Victory Lane at Winchester

WINCHESTER, Va.: All eyes were now ready to watch the Gene Latta Ford Central Pa Legend Houdeshell Home Improvement Series do battle on the “action track”.

These little cars had some big speed on the track, as we would see a high speed pursuit, between early leader Jeremy Ott and Scott Houdeshell. These two would showcase a hard battle throughout most of the race, as Houdeshell would make several attempts to pass Ott, but just couldn’t find the momentum he needed to complete the pass.

A late race caution would tighten the field back up allowing third place running Austin Bellemore to add his name to battle. Austin would charge to the outside of Houdeshell on the restart.

Once he completed the pass of Houdeshell, he set his sights on our leader Ott.

Bellemore would make the winning pass in the closing laps, allowing him to bring home his first win at the Winchester Speedway.

Scott Houdeshell would also make his way around Ott in the closing laps, giving him the second finishing position.

Central Pa Legends Houdeshell Home Improvement Series Results

Austin Bellemore, Scott Houdeshell, Jeremy Ott, Logan Carbaugh, Robert Strough, Chris Transeau, Travis

McClelland, Bill Diehl, Cody Atland, Justin Cunningham, Seth Kearchner, Stephen Wurtzer, Travis Perry,

Zach Baxter, Jonathan Robinson, Shaun Miller, Logan Jones, Vince Wenrich, Brian Rampmeyer, Randy

Getz Jr, Ernie Shirley, Sam Lamb, Preston Alleman, Rick Hartwig, Chandler Pagnotta, EliDodge, Tyler

Denike, Roy Denike, Bob Myers


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