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Houdeshell Moves by Wurtzer for BAPS Victory

York Haven, Pa.: Scott Houdeshell topped the 21-car field in a Gene Latta Ford Central PA Legends presented by Baker Door Company main event that featured seven caution periods.

Stephen Wurtzer started fourth on the grid and led the first 15 circuits. Houdeshell, who started seventh, took the lead on Lap 16 and sped away to victory.

Wurtzer finished second and was followed by Chuck Dell, Michael McClane, and Tim O’Sheehan. Jorjie Sweger and Houdeshell were heat winners.


Feature (20 Laps): 1. 5-Scott Houdeshell[7]; 2. 14W-Stephen Wurtzer[4]; 3. 41-Chuck Dell Jr[9]; 4. 0-Michael McClane[10]; 5. UGLY-Tim O'Sheehan[13]; 6. 69-Cole Hahn[3]; 7. 18J-Jorjie Sweger[8]; 8. 55X-Richie Dobson[21]; 9. 17H-Timothy Hahn[2]; 10. 34-Dan Harrison[12]; 11. 27-Logan Carbaugh[11]; 12. 25-Eric Hurst[14]; 13. 1G-Shawn Groft[18]; 14. 90X-Eric McClane[20]; 15. 56-Zach Baxter[19]; 16. 11R-Scott Musselman[15]; 17. (DNF) 2-Scott Smith[6]; 18. (DNF) 95-Alex Schmiedel[5]; 19. (DNF) 26-Shaun Abney[1]; 20. (DNS) 83J-James Snow Jr; 21. (DNS) 15S-John Snavely.

Lap Leaders: Stephen Wurtzer (1-15), Scott Houdeshell (16-20)

Legend Heat 1 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 18J-Jorjie Sweger[9]; 2. 2-Scott Smith[4]; 3. 14W-Stephen Wurtzer[7]; 4. 17H-Timothy Hahn[1]; 5. 41-Chuck Dell Jr[5]; 6. 27-Logan Carbaugh[10]; 7. 34-Dan Harrison[2]; 8. 25-Eric Hurst[3]; 9. 55X-Richie Dobson[11]; 10. (DNF) 15S-John Snavely[6]; 11. (DNS) 56-Zach Baxter.

Legend Heat 2 Finish (8 Laps/All Qualify): 1. 5-Scott Houdeshell[5]; 2. 95-Alex Schmiedel[1]; 3. 69-Cole Hahn[3]; 4. 26-Shaun Abney[9]; 5. 0-Michael McClane[8]; 6. 90X-Eric McClane[10]; 7. UGLY-Tim O'Sheehan[7]; 8. 11R-Scott Musselman[6]; 9. 83J-James Snow Jr[2]; 10. (DNF) 1G-Shawn Groft[4].

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