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Invader Joe Ryan Osborne Wins in First Trip to Lincoln

Photo Credit: Lincoln Speedway Facebook

Abbottstown, Pa.: After a successful 2019 season at the track, Jeremy Ott started on the pole to kick-off the 2020 season. Stephen Wurtzer lined up second with Zachary Settle and Alex Robinson in row two.

Ott got out to the lead at the start with Settle running second and Wurtzer in third. Bill Diehl got by Wurtzer to take the third spot before a lap was completed.

Ott, Diehl and Settle crossed the start finish line three wide for the lead with Settle taking the top spot by a nose. Ott took over the lead coming out of turn 2 with Diehl moving up to second sending Settle to third.

Mooresville, NC native Joe Ryan Osborne moved into the third spot on lap 2.

Diehl drove by Ott for the lead and Travis Perry got by Osborne for third.

The first three laps of the race saw three different leaders. Before the opportunity for four laps and four leaders could occur, the caution came out. Ott and Perry got together in turns 3 and 4 as they ran second and third. Both drivers rejoined the field.

Diehl led Osborne, Settle, Robinson and Wurtzer to the cone for the single file restart.

Osborne was all over Diehl for the lead on the restart as Ott and Perry started to work their way through the field.

The caution flag flew again on lap 4. This time it was for Aaron Updegraff who got spun around in turn 4.

Osborne was all over Diehl again on the restart and got a nose under the leader going into turn 3. Diehl held off Osborne as Robinson moved into the third position.

Brian Racine was on the move making his way up to fourth from his ninth starting spot on lap 6.

Osborne was still working on Diehl for the lead as they broke away from the rest of the field.

Racine had made his way up to third on lap 7 when the caution came out. Chris McKinney and Jorjie Sweger were both backed into the guardrail in turns 3 and 4.

Osborne tried to go low to get by Diehl, but Diehl blocked his line. After falling back to fourth Racine was back up to third.

Osborne got his nose under Diehl at the line as the field hit the halfway point of the race.

Once again Osborne looked to the inside of Diehl and took the lead going into turn 3 on lap 11.

Racine battled Diehl for second and took the spot with five laps to go.

The yellow flag flew on lap 16 for Seth Kearchner as he did a couple of 360 spins and kept moving.

Osborne pulled away from the field on the restart and got the checkered flag 1.275 seconds ahead of Racine. Diehl held on to third and Settle crossed the line fourth. Chris Transeau drove from his twelfth started spot to a fifth place finish.

Osborne has only run his Legend car on dirt four times including Lincoln on Saturday. It was his first trip to the 3/8th mile oval.

Legends heat races were won by Bill Diehl, Jeremy Ott, Brian Racine and Chris Transeau.

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