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Central PA Legends Set to Add Asphalt Series to 2020 Schedule

Car owner Rick Debroisse wanted to do something a little different with his new passion, the Central Pennsylvania Legends Series.

Debroisse is from Rhode Island, and his racing roots are steeped in asphalt racing. But after spending the last 30 years in central Pennsylvania, he’s learned to embrace the strong dirt-track culture in the region.

That led to his idea to merge the two disciplines. So, he went to series owner Scott Gobrecht, and the two went to work on getting the Legends on asphalt.

The Central Pennsylvania Legends will run plenty of dirt-track events in 2020, but Debroisse and Gobrecht have also instituted an asphalt series that will be featured at Evergreen Raceway in Drums, Pa. The series will be called the Central Pennsylvania Legends Asphalt Series presented by MJR Equipment, and it will feature its own point fund.

“It was really Rick Debroisse’s idea,” Gobrecht said. “It was important to him, and he’s been an important partner of this series for a couple of years now. So, we decided to work on it together.

“Beyond that, it’s natural for expansion. There’s guys who want to go up there and race, and there’s guys from Evergreen who want to come down and race with us. So, we’re just going to mold the two together and make them work.”

A Legend can be run on both dirt and asphalt, which made Gobrecht’s decision to follow Debroisse an easy one. The next step was to find a track, and they found what they were looking for in Evergreen Raceway.

The original plan was to do a couple of events. When Gobrecht and Debroisse met with co-promoter Jason Makarewicz, he jumped at the opportunity and offered all of his shows to the new venture.

The plan is to run roughly six shows at the Drums facility. Shows will be held Sundays and won’t conflict with a long dirt-track weekend.

“There will be one track in 2020,” Gobrecht said. “Maybe down the road, we will look at another track, but right now, the focus is helping Evergreen in any way we can and giving our race teams choices.

“This is going to be a complimentary piece for the Central Pennsylvania Legends. It will be a separate point fund. One can exist without the other, but there’s some synergy for the two acting together, too.”

The new series has the blessing of the U.S. Legends and INEX organizations. It also has the support of DeBroisse’s company, MJR Equipment, which has made this possible.

As for the dirt side, the schedule is being put together. It will feature 40-plus shows and still be the staple of Central Pennsylvania Legends brand.

The asphalt series is simply a compliment to the dirt side. This is just a way to expand the series and give teams who focus on dirt an opportunity to experience something new and different.

“With my newfound passion for Legend cars, it’s all about growing the sport and stabilizing the sport for the future,” Debroisse said. “I have a four-year-old grandson who I would like to have involved in motorsports, at some point, and I think the Legend-car platform is still the best in the country for entry level.

“I think it’s important to understand that the current local Legend car racers are dirt racers. They know dirt tracing, and this is what they want to do. We know this is not going to be for everybody. But the guy who wants to be adventurous and try something new, at least we have that spot for them to try that.

“This doesn’t affect anything on the dirt side. It didn’t take any dirt races away, it didn’t affect the dirt point series. It’s totally separate and on its own.”

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