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Travis McClelland Takes 4th Central PA Legends Win of 2019 at Grandview Speedway

Bechtelsville, Pa. (7/27/19) - Bill Diehl led the Legends feature for five laps before McClelland over took him for the lead.

Diehl didn’t surrender the lead easily as he stayed right with McClelland trying to regain control.In the closing laps the front runners encountered lap traffic, but that didn’t deter McClelland and he went on to win the race followed by Diehl, Austin Bellemare, Chris Transeau and Chuck Dell.

Diehl and McClelland won the heats.

Central PA Legends Feature (20-laps): 1. Travis McClelland, 2. Bill Diehl, 8. Austin Bellemare, 4. Chris Transeau, 5. Chuck Dell, 6. Alex Schmiedel, 7. Zac Smith, 8. Mike Rabold, 9. Brandon Reiblich, 10. Eric Hurst, 11. Ben Goldsmith, 12. Cory Phillips, 13. Robert Shaw, 14. Michael Goldsmith, 15. Bryan Green.

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