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Scott Houdeshell picks up the win at Linda's Speedway

Austin Bellemare held off Scott Houdeshell in a tight battle for the win in the Central Pa Legend feature event. Houdeshell was declared the winner after Bellemare's car did not comply with the post race inspection. Parts were being send for further inspection at press time. Houdeshell held off Travis McClelland, Jeremy Ott, Bill Diehl, and Travis Perry in the top five. Tim Henry was sixth ahead of Ed Trump, Robert Shaw, Chris Transeau, and Chandler Pagnotta.

Heat 1- Trent Yoder, Travis McClelland, Ed Trump, Chris Transeau, Rick Hartwig, Travis Parry

Heat 2- Austin Bellemare, Jeremy Ott, Bill Diehl, Chandler Pagnotta, Vern Houseman, Jason Gastley

Heat 3- Scott Houdeshell, Tim Henry, Robert Shaw, Gorgie Sweigart, Tim O’Sheehan, Eugene Drew


1- Scott Houdeshell

2- Travis McClelland

3- Jeremy Ott

4- Bill Diehl

5- Travis Parry

6- Tim Henry

7- Ed Trump

8- Robert Shaw

9- Chris Transeau

10- Chandler Pagnotta

11- Rick Hartwig

12- Jeremy Hahn

13- Gorgie Sweigart

14- Alex Schmiedel

15- Trent Yoder

16- Tim O’Sheehan

17- Stephen Wurtzer

18- James Snow

19- Vern Houseman

20- Jordan Strickler

21- Chris McKinney

22- Jason Gastley

23- Eugene Drew

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