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Jeremy Ott wins his third race for 2018!

8th starting Jeremy Ott charged to the front holding off the 19 of Travis Perry for the win. This is Ott's third win of the 2018 season.

Rounding out the top five were the 5C of Schrum, the 18 of Transeau and the 75 of Pagnotta.

Central PA Legends (20 cars): 1. Jeremy Ott 2. Travis Perry 3. Josh Schrum 4. Chris Transeau 5. Chandler Pagnotta 6. Rick Hartwig 7. Jeremy Hahn 8. Jorjeanna Sweger 9. Stephen Wurtzer 10. Abe Romanik 11. Robert Shaw 12. James Snow 13. Eli Dodge 14. Ron Dick, Jr. 15. Bob Rife 16. Jeff Shellenberger (DNF) 17. Alex Robinson (DNF) 18. Trent Yoder (DNF) 19. Mason Chaney (DNF) DNS: Bob Stough

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