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Austin Bellemare Picks Up Two Wins to Sweep Central PA Legends Weekend

The Pizza Shop of Etters Central PA Legends resumed their 2018 season with a doubleheader weekend with stops at Linda’s Speedway on Friday and Path Valley Speedway Park on Saturday for their second visit of the year to the popular track.

On Friday at Linda’s Speedway, Austin Bellemare snapped the two-race win streak of Jeremy Ott, who opened the season with victories in the first two Central PA Legends events in March. Bellemare held off Scott Houdeshell and veteran Bill Diehl to take his first win of the season.

If one race win over the weekend is sweet then a second win in as many days is sweeter. For Bellemare, he was able to make it a clean sweep with the addition of the win Saturday night at Path Valley Speedway. Bellemare’s win was his second of the year to match Ott on the season with two victories each. Defending series champion Mason Chaney scored his best finish of the season with a second place just ahead of Ott.

The Central PA Legends return to action next weekend at the home of the 2018 INEX Legends Dirt Nationals, BAPS Motor Speedway on Saturday, April 21st.

Central PA Legends – Linda’s Speedway Results :

  1. Austin Bellemare

  2. Scott Houdeshell

  3. Bill Diehl

  4. Blaine Leppo

  5. Tim Henry

  6. Jeremy Ott

  7. Trent Yoder

  8. Alex Schmiedel

  9. Rick Hartwig

  10. Travis Perry

  11. Kevin Nowak

  12. Robert Shaw

  13. Jorgie Sweger

  14. James Snow, Jr.

  15. Eugene Drew

  16. Tim O’Sheehan

  17. Travis McClelland

  18. Zacahry Settle

  19. Stephen Wurtzer

Central PA Legends – Path Valley Speedway Results :

  1. Austin Bellemare

  2. Mason Chaney

  3. Jeremy Ott

  4. Bill Diehl

  5. Travis Perry

  6. Chandler Pagnotta

  7. Kevin Nowak

  8. Rick Hartwig

  9. Trent Yoder

  10. Jorgie Sweger

  11. Josh Schrum

  12. Alex Robinson

  13. Ed Trump

  14. Robert Shaw

  15. Jeremy Hahn

  16. Scott Smith

  17. Abe Romanik

  18. Stephen Wurtzer

  19. James Snow, Jr.

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