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The fans who remained following the 410 sprint feature and braved the chilly afternoon weather got to see a great race-long battle in the season-opening 20-lap Central PA Legends feature. When the checkered flag waved, Carlisle’s Jeremy Ott was in front to notch his first career Legends victory.

Early race leader Donnie Leiby surrendered the top spot on lap nine to a charging Mason Chaney who was coming from his eighth starting position.

But Ott, who started ninth, kept pace with Chaney and made his race-winning pass on the 12th lap. Ott then held off Chaney the final eight laps to record his inaugural Legends victory.

Fifth-starting Travis Perry finished fourth, and 19th-starting Lucas Montgomery finished a remarkable run in fifth.

Completing the top-10 were Leiby, Bill Diehl, 20th-starting Trent Yoder, 14th-starting Rick Hartwig, and 12th-starting Austin Bellemare.

Heats for the 30 Pizza Shop of Etters Central PA Legends were won by Chaney, Scott Houdeshell, and Perry, with Montgomery winning the consolation.


Legends Feature Finish (20 Laps) – 1. 10-Jeremy Ott; 2. 8CR-Mason Chaney; ; 3. 19-Travis Perry; 4. 00-Lucas Montgomery; 5. 19L-Donnie Leiby; 6. 53-Bill Diehl; 7. 66-Trent Yoder; 8. 9-Rick Hartwig; 9. 8-Auston Bellemare; 10. 93-Brent Marquis; 11. 5C-Josh Schrum; 12. 7MD-Nate Renfro; 13. 14-Brian Racine; 14. 14W-Stephen Wurtzer; 15. 8-Robert Shaw; 16. 4X-Brendon Ort; 17. 79-Ed Trump; 18. 18J-Jorgie Sweger; 19. 5-Scott Houdeshell; 20. 75-Chandler Pagnotta; 21. 40-Kevin Nowak; 22. 15H-Harlon Leppo; 23. 58Z-Zachary Settle DSQ: 51-Travis McClelland

Lap Leaders – Donnie Leiby (1-8), Mason Chaney (9-11), Jeremy Ott (12-20)

Legends Heat One Finish (8 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 8CR-Mason Chaney; 2. 53-Bill Diehl; 3. 18J-Jorjie Sweger; 4. 75-Chandler Pagnotta; 5. 58-Zachary Settle; 6. 79-Ed Trump; 7. 7MD-Nate Renfro; 8. 8-Robert Shaw; 9. 14-Brian Racine; 10. 66-Trent Yoder (DNF). No Time

Legends Heat Two Finish (8 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 5-Scott Houdeshell; 2. 51-Travis McClelland; 3. 8-Austin Bellemere; 4. 15H-Harlon Leppo; 5. 9-Rick Hartwig; 6. 4X-Brandon Ort; 7. 14W-Stephen Wurtzer; 8. 42-Scott Lee; 9. 18-Chris Transeau (DNF); 10. 00-Lucas Montgomery (DNF). No Time

Legends Heat Three Finish (8 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 19-Travis Perry; 2. 19L-Donnie Leiby; 3. 10-Jeremy Ott; 4. 40-Kevin Nowak; 5. 5C-Josh Schrum; 6. 93-Brent Marquis; 7. 30-Alex Robinson; 8. 17B-Brian Blank; 9. 83-James Snow; 10. 17-Chris Kennedy. No Time

Legends Consolation Finish (8 laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 00-Lucas Montgomery; 2. 66-Trent Yoder; 3. 14W-Stephen Wurtzer; 4. 7-Nate Renfro; 5. 30-Alex Robinson; 6. 8-Robert Shaw; 7. 14-Brian Racine; 8. 17-Chris Kennedy; 9. 88J-James Snow; 10. 42-Scott Lee (DNF); 11. 17B-Brian Blank (DNF); DNS – 18-Chris Transeau. No Time

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