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Mason Chaney took the lead from Harlon Leppo on lap four of the 20-lap ServiceMaster Clean Central PA Legends feature and never looked back in taking his first win of the season.

Chaney survived five caution periods before the win over Scott Houdeshell, Jeff Herbst, 15th starting Rick Hartwig and 11th starting Chris Transeau with 24th starting Chandler Pagotta, Scott Smith, Justin Mitchell, Bill Diehl and Leppo completing the top ten finishers.

Hayden Pascoe, Travis McClelland, Bob Stough and Travis Perry won heats for the 35 Legends with Trent Yoder winning the consolation.

ServiceMaster Clean Central PA Legends (20 Laps)

1) 8CR Mason Chaney 2) 5 Scott Houdeshell 3) 18H Jeff Herbst 4) 9 Rick Hartwig 5) 18 Chris Transeau 6) 75 Chandler Pagotta 7) 2 Scott Smith 8) 91 Justin Mitchell 9) 53 Bill Diehl 10) 15H Harlon Leppo 11) 7md Nate Renfro 12) 3AU Hayden Pascoe 13) 51 Travis McClelland 14) 69x Justin Forbes 15) 19 Travis Perry 16) 15 Lucas Montgomery 17) 0 Bob Stough 18) 66 Trent Yoder 19) 8 Robert Shaw 20) 85 Chad Earnst 21) 519 Tim Osheehan 22) 19L Donnie Leiby 23) M1 John Kooti 24) 27 Greg Burd

Did Not Qualify: 4 Eli Dodge, 21H Cody Haines, 25 Cody Madison, 99 Wayne Welsh, 6 Todd Rahley, 58z Zachary Settle, 2A Ken Boyce, 30 Alex Robinson, 14w Stephen Wurtzler, 41 Robert Rice, 18s Jorje Ann Sweger

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