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Chad Earnst wins at Linda's Speedway!

Chad Earnst is the current point leader at Susquehanna Speedway, but had to make major changes to get ready for the 1/4 mile at Linda's Speedway. Earnst jumped into the race lead early and showed the way at halfway while the battle for second became more intense. Travis McClelland took over the runner up spot with a big move on lap 10 as the top five shuffled. Now, in second, McClelland spent the rest of the race hounding Earnst for the top spot. In the final corner, McClelland pulled to the inside, but Earnst won the drag race to the finish line. McClelland settled for second ahead of Chris McKinney, Bill Diehl, and Tony Mrakovich. It was the final appearance of the year for the Central Pennsylvania Legends. Central PA Legend Car heat races were won by Chris McKinney and Chad Earnst.

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