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Bill Diehl Picks Up His Fifth Win at Trail-Way Speedway!

Diehl became the fourth different leader of the event, passing Travis McCelland to lead lap 17. “That was a great race with McClelland,” said Diehl in victory lane, “I got a run off turn four and got underneath of him.”

But that lap 17 pass didn’t come easily, Diehl pressured McClelland since taking the second spot on lap 6. It was a side-by-side battle with lapped traffic bunching the top contenders that finally gave Diehl the chance he needed to win.

Two laps after Diehl took the lead, the caution flew for McClelland who slowed and collected Chad Earnst (who was running 3rd). McClelland took his machine to the pit area, but Earnst rejoined the tail end of the field. Justin Mitchell crossed the line second with Bob Stough making a late race bid for third, 9th-starting Chris Transeau taking fourth, and Keith Haring finishing 5th.

Heats for the 20 Red Lion Chevrolet Central Pa Legends were won by Mason Chaney and Travis McClelland.

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