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McClelland Rolls On To Clinton County Win

Mill Hall, PA: Travis McClelland picked up his sixth win of 2022 at the Central PA Legends first visit to Clinton County Speedway.

Scott Houdeshell finished in the runner up spot with Bob Stough, Choya Young, and Tyler Kaylor.

Results: 1. Travis McClelland; 2. Scott Houdeshell; 3. Bob Stough; 4. Choya Young; 5. Tyler Kaylor; 6. Scott Musselman; 7. Zach Baxter; 8. Keegan McGrew; 9. Vincent Wenrich; 10. Grady McGrew; 11. Dave Benner; 12. Chris Transeau; 13. Hunter McElroy; 14. Tanner Jones; 15. Logan Carbaugh; 16. John Anderika; 17. Eric Hurst.


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