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Jeremy Ott Takes Musselman #11R to Victory Lane

SPRING RUN, PA - The Central Pennsylvania Legends began their twenty lap feature with a field of twenty three racers ready to roll! Jeremy Ott pulled from his second place starting position behind Wes Alleman to the lead for three laps till Preston Alleman brought out the first caution when his racer stopped on the frontstretch. Alleman went to the rear as Ott led the racers to green with Bob Stough, Travis Perry, Shaun Abney and Donald Stoudt in the top five. Five laps were logged when Eli Dodge brought out the caution, putting his racer to the rear. Two laps later, P. Alleman got turned around, out of turn four, giving him a rear starting spot. Lap thirteen put three racers off the roster when Bob Meyers had to be towed from turn three, then Bryan Green and Chandler Pagnotta exited the circuit for the night. Ott held his lead on green with Bob Stough, Travis Perry, Bill Diehl in pursuit. The seventeenth lap showed completion on the board when Tim Pottenberger got his racer turned backwards on the backstretch causing him to take a rear spot on the reline.

Bob Stough was inches from Ott's bumper for several laps, keeping the leader on edge as the final lap approached. Stough took the inside space beside Ott but lost control, causing the second place runner to drop several positions, putting Travis Perry in second spot, followed by Bill Diehl, Rick Hartwig and Dan Harrison as they crossed the finish line behind Ott who claimed a green to checkered win. Travis Perry had the best lap time with a 13.718 and a speed of 65.607.

Central PA Legends (23 cars):

1. Jeremy Ott 2. Travis Perry 3. Bill Diehl 4. Rick Hartwig 5. Dan Harrison 6. Jonathan Robinson 7. Shaun Abney 8. Bob Stough 9. Wes Alleman 10. Cory Phillips 11. Eric Hurst 12. Choya Young 13. Preston Alleman 14. Eli Dodge 15. Donald Stoudt 16. Ernie Shirley 17. Owen Dimm (DNF) 18. Randy Getz, Jr. (DNF) 19. Tim Pottenberger (DNF) 20. Bryan Green (DNF) 21. Chandler Pagnotta (DNF) 22. Bob Meyers (DNF)

DNS: Dave Benner


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