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Jeremy Ott Nabs 2nd CPL Victory & 1st at Path Valley in 2021

SPRING RUN, Pa.: The Legends division made their first appearance of the season with a full field of cars running 3 heats & a consi.

Bob Stough & Aaron Updegraff led the 24 cars to the green for their 20 lap feature but Updegraff fell to 3rd when the #32 of Austin Bellemare passed him on the 2nd lap.

Travis Perry claimed 4th spot & Alex Robinson ran in the top 5.

With 7 laps complete, Robinson & Updegraff got together coming out of turn 1, both returning to the rear of the line.

Stough, Bellemare, Perry & Ott & Chris Transeau were top on the restart where they remained till lap 12 when the racer of Alex Robinson came to a stop in turn 4, then returned to the back of the pack.

At lap 15 Ott had pulled by Bellemare & was racing side by side with Stough taking the lead.

Chris Transeau put his #18 sideways in turn 2 also heading to the rear.

Ott held the lead to the checkered claiming the 1st Legend win of the season.

Stough, Bellemare, Scott Houdeshell & Stephen Wurtzer followed for the top 5.

Central PA Legends (31 cars):

1. Jeremy Ott 2. Bob Stough 3. Austin Bellemare 4. Scott Houdeshell 5. Stephen Wurtzer 6. Bill Diehl 7. Logan Carbaugh 8. Logan Dimm 9. Justin Cunningham 10. Chuck Dell, Jr. 11. Shaun Abrey 12. Greg Burd 13. Shawn Groft 14. Cody Altland 15. Alex Robinson 16. Seth Kearchner 17. Aaron Updegraff 18. Tyler Groft 19. Eric Hurst 20. Donald Stoudt 21. Travis Perry 22. Chris Transeau 23. Rick Hartwig 24. Scott Montgomery (DNF).


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