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Travis McClelland picks up his first win of the season!

Travis McClelland picked up his first win of 2018 at Big Diamond Speedway this past weekend.

Travis McClelland followed by Jeremy Ott, Scott Houdeshell, Bob Stough, Greg Burd, Bill Diehl, Lucas Montgomery, Travis Perry, Scott Smith, Rick Hartwig, Chandler Pagnotta, Brent Marquis, Nathan Renfro, Ed Trump, Scott Spidle, Jorjie Sweger, Trent Yoder, Stephen Wurtzer, Alex Schmiedel, Robert Shaw and Eric Hurst.

Did not finish were Chris McKinney, Ron Dick Jr. and Mason Cheney. Did not qualify were Bob Rife, Alex Robinson and Zachary Settle.

Legend car heats were won by Scott Smith, Greg Burd and Jeremy Ott. The consolation was won by Scott Spidle.

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