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Co-owners of the Pizza Shop of Etters, Jeff Svendsen and Matt Adams are excited to join the Central PA Legends as title sponsor for 2018 and 2019. “Watching the Central PA Legend drivers over the years and being a part of the atmosphere in the pits, there just seems to be more comradery with this class”, said Jeff. “These drivers like each other. They go out on the track to race with sportsmanship, not just wreck each other. They are all good guys.”

Jeff Svendsen and Matt Adams are no strangers to dirt track racing. Their history includes involvement as drivers, sponsors and owners of a variety of race cars including 4-cylinder, extreme stocks, late models and legends.

So why the interest to title sponsor the Central PA Legends? “I am so glad you asked that question,” exclaimed Jeff. “I’ve been competitive in racing since my SCCA days as a kid.” He continued, “As I got older, I was ready to race anything from minivans to road warriors. But the first time I saw a legend car, I was intrigued. Started asking people, ‘what is that?’. Didn’t expect that little car to go fast as hell and be a barrel of fun to drive.”

Soon after Jeff’s first introduction to a legend dirt car, he sold his other race cars and bought one legend car with full gear. Quickly becoming hooked on the challenge of legend racing, Jeff bought his second car a short few weeks later. “It was so much fun!”, said Jeff. “Because of a legend’s speed to weight ratio…you have to be up on the wheel at all times.”

Not only is Jeff a fan of the legend car driving experience, he is also a believer in the quality of the racing. “The Central PA Legends have 1 rule book for every track. This makes the competition that much better.” Jeff continued, “Anybody looking to get into a race car that you are not going to spend your life savings on…I recommend these cars.”

Although taking a break from driving in 2018, Jeff is excited to continue his support of the series as title sponsor. “The Pizza Shop was so busy growing in 2017 that we didn’t get to the track as much. This year we want to talk to the guys more and give back in any way we can. Matt will be driving a street stock too.”

Scott Gobrecht with Central PA Legends couldn’t be happier starting the 2018 season with an impressive schedule and a new title sponsor. “We are fortunate to have the Pizza Shop of Etters and their passion for our sport associated directly with the Central PA Legends.”

The timing couldn’t be better for the Pizza Shop of Etters to partner up with Central PA Legends. In addition to 38 races making up the 2018 schedule at over 6 iconic tracks in the area such as Lincoln, Path Valley, Trail-Way, Linda’s and Big Diamond…BAPS Motor Speedway in York Haven, PA will host the 3-day INEX sanctioned Dirt National Legends event beginning Oct 4 of this year. With expectations that legend teams from all over the United States will travel to compete for a true National Championship Title, the local area is sure to be positively impacted. “It’s a big deal,” said Gobrecht. “As a driver, of course you want to win every race. But to win the Dirt Nationals is a major accomplishment.”

Jeff adds by saying, “Having the Dirt Nationals in our backyard this year is huge! We really hope to help the local guys, but also the teams traveling from abroad with race shop space and other things that come up.”

Fans can catch up on the latest news, driver profiles and schedule at The Central PA Legends presented by the Pizza Shop of Etters will kick off 2018 at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday, March 17, 2018 with a 2 p.m. start time.

The Pizza Shop of Etters is located at 940 Old York Road in Etters, PA. “We are a small, family friendly type business,” describes Jeff. “Stop in and try the best pizza in town.” Fans can find daily carryout and delivery specials posted to or call directly to 717-938-2217.

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