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Next Races: Friday, May 24 Clinton County Speedway;

                      Sunday, May 26 Potomac Speedway!!!


Tanner Jones Victorious at Linda's Speedway Last Friday

Miss East Coast Legend Series, Bree Kaylor, greets race-winner Tanner Jones, second-place finisher Colton Friese and third-place finisher Scott Houdeshell, Friday (Mike Knappenberger photo)

Jonestown, PA (April 26, 2024)- New Jersey’s Tanner Jones claimed 17 Series wins in 2023, but a 2024 East Coast Legends Series Victory eluded him in the Series’ first three races. Well, that all changed, albeit late in April, when Jones held off a fine field of 21 cars to storm to his first Victory of the 2024 season at Linda’s Speedway, Friday.

     Jones held off a hard-charging Colton Friese to claim the checkers in the prestigious 25-lap Earman Fulk Memorial. Jones knew all too well that the competition had stepped up in 2024, and he realized the degree of difficulty it took to claim this win. Jones on his social media said, “Feels good to get the monkey off our backs and get a win that sticks. Can’t thank Austin Bellemare (car owner) enough for the hard work.” That hard work not only garnered Jones the Victory, but it also allowed Jones to claim the top spot in qualifying earlier in the evening.

     Jones, who started the A-Main in fourth, grabbed the top spot around the races’ mid-way mark and didn’t look back. Colton Friese, who entered the race as the East Coast Series points leader, ran another strong race to take the runner-up spot. Scott Houdeshell continued to impress the East Coast fans with another strong run by claiming the third spot. Defending champion, Devin Friese, took fourth and Australia’s Glen Mitchell took fifth.

      Jeremy Ott was strong in the early-going and faded a touch to finish sixth. Dalton Friese continued to pace the rookie contingent and took seventh. Donald Stoudt was impressive in his 1250 powered machine to take eighth, and Logan Jones scored another solid finish in ninth. Kelby Friese rounded out the top-10.

     The event was marred by a scary-looking crash that involved Series veteran, Rick Hartwig, who finished second in the Series points in 2023. Hartwig made contact with the back-stretch wall before tumbling the car upside down. Hartwig was placed in the track ambulance after receiving injuries to his wrist and hand. 

     The Series heads to Path Valley this Saturday, May 4 for a one-night double-header sponsored by Dr. Zach Crouse, DVM. The double-header includes a make-up feature after heavy mist claimed the evening after heat race competition at the Spring Run facility,  this past Saturday.


     Full field rundown: 1. Tanner Jones, 2. Colton Friese, 3. Scott Houdeshell, 4. Devin Friese, 5. Glenn Mitchell, 6. Jeremy Ott, 7. Dalton Friese, 8. Donald Stoudt, 9. Logan Jones, 10. Kelby Friese, 11. Eric Hurst, 12. Grady McGrew, 13. Dave Benner, 14. Rick Hartwig, 15. Justin Wagaman, 16. Mike Kelley, 17. Cory Phillips, 18. Vincent Wenrich, 19. Kirk Martin, 20. Chris Nicoll. DNS: Scott Musselman


     Heat winners were Jeremy Ott, Colton Friese and Scott Houdeshell

2024 East Coast MEMBERSHIP



2024 East Coast Legend Series Rules Updates

1. Feature Winners will receive an additional 10 points in 2024. Feature Winners will now receive 110 points. The difference in points between first and second is now 13 points. This does not alter how INEX points are awarded. In a case where show-up points are awarded, this point differential will not be applicable

2. In 2024, The East Coast Legend Series will reintroduce the Rookie Rule (with changes). For a Rookie's first FIVE events, he/she will be required to start at the rear of heat races ONLY. After the driver's respective heat race, the driver will then start in either the A/B Main in the qualified spot from the heat race. If the event has time trials/hot lap time trials, Rookies will start in the qualified position posted from time trials. Rookies will be required to have their rear bumpers painted or taped yellow from bumper tab to bumper tab or rear horn to rear horn, and the bumpers must remain yellow for the duration of the season. Rookie drivers are those with NO prior Legends experience or less than FIVE Legends events as a driver. After the completion of a Rookie's first FIVE events, the driver will not be required to adhere to the Rookie Rule UNLESS the Series race director feels it's warranted based on performance shown by driver.

3. In 2024, a driver will be allowed to miss/drop FOUR races. For example, if a driver does not attend four races, it will not count against him/her. If a driver attends all the races, then he/she will be allowed to drop their four worst finishes. If a driver does not attend one to three races, then those races will not count against said driver, and the driver will then be allowed to drop his/her worst finishes for other races until the race tally reaches four. This miss/drop procedure will be in effect through the Sept. 7 event at Lincoln Speedway. Following that event, drivers will have their misses/drops calculated, and the remainder of the points season will be run "heads up" points and no misses/drops will be allowed. The following tracks in 2024 will NOT BE ALLOWED to be used for a miss/drop: Natural Bridge, Roaring Knob and Hagerstown. If a driver chooses to run a Legends event outside of the East Coast Series on the same night that the East Coast Series has a race, then that driver will not be allowed to use that date as a miss/drop. If an event is canceled, the miss/drop procedure does not apply. 

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